Mint the biggest crypto news stories now!

The wait is over! After concluding a private sale for waitlist participants, Cointelegraph’s Historical digital collectibles have officially launched. The nonfungible token minting feature is now open for anyone who wants to collect NFTs of articles published by the world’s largest crypto news platform.

Starting Dec. 1, all articles published by Cointelegraph can be minted as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. To collect an article, users must go to, select an article and click the “Collect as NFT” button found below the article’s artwork.

After clicking the button, users are sent to a page where they can review the details and approve the transaction using their wallets. Once the article is minted, the user officially owns the digital collectible. Readers can trade their collectibles via the marketplace as they build their own Historical collection with Cointelegraph.

Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief, Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, stated, “We take pride in producing high-quality content that sheds light on the vibrant world of cryptocurrencies and Web3. With Cointelegraph articles becoming cemented in history, we are inching closer to the ideals that we so passionately report on every day.” Ivan Sokolov, founder of Mintmade and creator of the collectibles, shared his thoughts:

“When you own a digital collectible of an article, you establish a new type of connection with the story. It is interesting to see what people chose to collect — that is their view of what’s valuable. The Historical collection is a chance to reexplore different periods of blockchain and Cointelegraph’s history just by diving into what was already collected.”

Those who participated in the private sale have already started collecting articles as NFTs, selecting their favorite stories and the ones they think will be valuable to include in their Historical NFT collection. Some users have already built collections by compiling stories on major events such as great crypto collapses, like the downfall of Terra and its fallout, or even by documenting Bitcoin’s (BTC) early history.

Check out the Cointelegraph historical collection

Looking forward, Cointelegraph intends to build various experiences for Historical collectors, including integrating Web3-native features for NFT holders and launching exclusive drops and campaigns from Cointelegraph’s partners.

In addition, all tokenholders will become a part of a decentralized autonomous organization, the Historical DAO. Collectors will be able to vote on various metrics as well as decide which features should be developed next.

You can read Cointelegraph’s articles now and start building your very own Historical NFT collection! Not sure which articles to collect? Join the Historical channel of Cointelegraph’s Discord to chat with fellow NFT collectors an get ideas.