Firm behind FTSE 100 Launches Crypto Index Series

Development and adoption of the crypto space in the past years have prompted the expansion of mechanisms that assess the credibility of virtual tokens.

FTSE Russel, the firm that launched the London Stock Exchange‘s measure FTSE 100 equity index, has revealed a bunch of standards for the crypto asset market.

The FTSE Global Digital Asset Index Series includes eight gauges from large and mid-cap assets to micro-cap. According to a statement from FTSE Russel, the indices, built with Digital Asset Research will supervise information from hundreds of exchanges to represent the investable paradigm. The firm revealed a scheme to offer a crypto index in December when it launched the evolution of one covering forty-three virtual assets.

Development and adoption of the crypto space in the past years have prompted the expansion of mechanisms that assess the credibility of virtual tokens, including Bloomberg Indices, S&P Cryptocurrency Indices, and CoinDesk’s own range of market indices. The inclusion of the gauges will allow them to demonstrate if the desire for virtual assets has been increased by the downfall in the crypto market in the last year and the troubles faced by front-running crypto firms which include the exponential downfall of FTX and BlockFi.

FTSE Russel is essentially a London Stock Exchange Group unit, the other index of the firm comprises the Russell 2000.

Indices have been leveraged in the stock market for a long time to understand specific regions of the market. However, there are comparatively few indices that comprise cryptocurrencies. FTSE Digital Asset Index sequence is the first one to be published by the UK-based firm. It adds to the list of crypto indices that have been revealed by the US and German firms since the initial months of 2021, including the Cryptocurrency Index series, the Nasdaq Crypto Index, and the CMC Crypto 200 Index series by Soloactive.

The newly released series comprises 8 indices in total, which include one each for large, midcap, and small-cap along with micro-cap coins, along with four indices that incorporate coins from several market cap sizes. The firm has not launched a list of the components for each index yet, but it has revealed a fact sheet for each one reflecting the performance statistics for Q1-Q3 2022.

Arne Staal, the Chief Executive Officer at FTSE Russel said that the novel index will aid in the inclusion of transparency in the crypto industry. FTSE, according to Russell, has adopted a well-thought-out strategy for this mainstream investment space and has developed a stringent and transparent skeleton, navigated by a strong administration and exhaustive data to meet investors’ needs.

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