Bitcoin Enforces Universal Human Rights – Bitcoin Magazine

​​This is an opinion editorial by Anita Posch, the founder of Bitcoin For Fairness who has traveled extensively around the world to learn how the globally unbanked can benefit from sovereign money.

In 2022, European politicians formed an initiative with the goal of banning proof-of-work mining because of its high electricity consumption. The underlying goal is to blame Bitcoin for damaging the environment, when it’s — as they claim — just a tool for useless speculation.

In 2021, the co-founder of Ripple, which advertises itself as having better qualities than bitcoin, donated $5 million to support Greenpeace USA with a campaign called “Clean Up the Code.” It attempts to lobby Bitcoin developers to change the mining mechanism from proof of work to proof of stake, which would supposedly reduce its power consumption by 99%. With Ethereum moving from proof of work to proof of stake recently, these actors feel they have seen their theory confirmed and are trying to lobby against Bitcoin even more.

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