Kargo is developing its first Layer 1.5 on Sei

Kargo is now engaged in the development of its initial Layer 1.5 on Sei. Consequently, the resulting first base layer contracts will serve as a modular framework applicable to all prediction-based markets located and operating in any region of the world. In the current context, prediction-based marketplaces that already exist keep an eye on and pay attention to the larger and more extravagant events that take place on a regular basis. The popularity of these events also plays a significant role in their ultimate selection. 

However, the truth remains that smaller-scale occurrences are frequently omitted from consideration. Kargo finds itself in a position of responsibility in attempting to alter the overall dynamic by integrating more localized teams into the mainstream.

Sei, on the other side, is by far the quickest Layer 1 blockchain that exists. Its principal job is that of providing a framework that is of the very highest quality possible. This pertains to the invention, maintenance, and upgrade of DeFi protocols that are distributed via Web3. Sei maintains its dedication to the provision of a DeFi-oriented chain that is uniquely crafted for each customer. This further affords Sei the opportunity to construct newly-established design bases for the creation of protocols on Sei. This opens the door to the development of a new set of talents, as well as new prospects for DeFi as a whole. 

Now, with the coming together of these two primary individual entities, appropriate provisions will be created in terms of localized teams developing individual prediction marketplaces with the appropriate utilization of Kargo middleware. In this manner, these marketplaces will be able to absorb events of various sizes, hence expanding the opportunities for all parties involved.

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