Ultra partners with Bit Hotel to launch Uniq NFT collection

Bit hotel, which is a social-first game in the virtual world, will from hereon, be readily available on Ultra Games. In the case of the Ultra Games, it happens to be an online game in which all connected gamers can interact with other members. The players can also receive frequent rewards and the possibility of making money while engaging in the game. Following this occurrence, Bit Hotel coming onto Ultra Games will be delivering a Uniq NFT collection on the Uniq Marketplace.

According to the Co-CEO of Ultra Games, Nicolas Gilot, he and the entire team are thrilled that Bit Hotel is now effectively positioned and readily available on Ultra Games. However, this will also provide the gamers the opportunity of paving the way for scoring various avenues in terms of pure socializing and creation.

He is also very enthusiastic about the contributions that they make from their end. As per his version, they have all of the necessary high-end tools and the absolute new-age technical expertise used in terms of effectiveness. Both entities will be offering the very best of online games, benefitting all gamers from all parts of the Globe.

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