Bitramo releases powerful crypto miners!

Crypto mining enthusiasts around the world are going through exciting times since the launch of Bitramo miners. This blockchain technology startup has recently stormed into the crypto market with three ultra-powerful mining rigs. In almost no time, Bitramo miners have gained the attention of the crypto community as the most powerful mining rigs in the history of this thriving industry. 

Over the years, crypto mining has emerged as a lucrative earning opportunity. However, the selection of the right mining rigs is critical to profitable mining. Hash rate and power consumption are two factors that have a significant impact on the profit earned by mining a cryptocurrency. While designing its mining rigs, Bitramo has focused heavily on these two parameters. In spite of nominal power consumptions, Bitramo’s Ramo1, Ramo 2, and Ramo X miners have unmatched hash rates in the current market. Equipped with cutting-edge 5nm ASIC chips, these rigs can mine bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero. 

Why Bitramo? 

Higher hash power is critical to any miner’s ability to find the next block and earn rewards. In simple words, higher hash power directly translates into more profits and this is where Bitramo can make all the difference with the hash rates and power consumptions mentioned below.                           

Bitcoin  Litecoin Ethereum Monero Power Consumption
Ramo 1 360 TH/s  30 GH/s  2 GH/s    2MH/s     550 W
Ramo 2 750 TH/s 70 GH/s 5 GH/s  5 MH/s  900 W   
Ramo X 2250 TH/s  210 GH/s   15 GH/s   15 MH/s       2200 W

As a result of these highly impressive figures, many mining enthusiasts using these products have made incredibly high profits. Most of these users have recovered their investment entirely within just a month. 

Mentioned below is an estimation of the monthly profitability of these miners. 

Bitcoin     Litecoin  Ethereum      Monero
Ramo 1 $1900    $1400   $2200  $2500   
Ramo 2 $4000     $3500      $5700    $6600 
Ramo X   $12,300    $10,500  $17,000  $20,000

Leveling the Playing Field 

Over the years, the crypto market has seen the emergence of numerous mining hardware and many of them have been successful. However, a large majority of these products require a thorough understanding of the mining technology. Naturally, these products have only benefited individuals with a high level of mining knowledge and experience. 

Bitramo believes that the complexity of crypto mining is one of the biggest obstacles for the mass adoption of this profitable earning opportunity. To overcome this obstacle, they took up the challenge of designing mining rigs that anyone can use regardless of their mining knowledge or experience. In spite of their extraordinary capabilities, Ramo1, Ramo 2, and Ramo X miners make crypto mining simple like never before. 

Unlike most other miners available in the market, all mining rigs from Bitramo are plug-and-play units delivered preconfigured with Linux based system.  As a result, it is possible to start mining just by connecting the hardware to a power socket. Also, there is no need to upgrade your internet connection for using Bitramo miners because all you need is a minimum internet speed of just 10 KB/s.  Bitramo also has its own mining pool that is available for free to all its customers. This is undoubtedly a great initiative by the company to make lives easier for first-time miners. 

Other Key Points to Consider

Bitramo is shipping all its products worldwide with an average delivery time of 7 days only. Interestingly, to increase the profitability of its customers, the company covers the delivery and custom fees for all its orders. Each product comes with a two-year warranty for all software as well as hardware issues.

Whether you are a mining expert looking to up your game or a newbie just starting your mining journey, Bitramo can certainly make a difference to your fortune. Please visit today to get started and happy mining!         

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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